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The broad functions of the Directorate are as under:

  1. To plan and ensure effective and correct projection and publicity of the Armed Forces and its co-ordination through various publicity media such as Press, Radio, and T.V, etc.
  2. To act as the only agency for co-ordinating and releasing information news, views, photographs and advertisements of the three services in an appropriate manner so as to prevent leakage of information.
  3. To publish house journals for the Armed Forces and other organizations under the Defence Division.
  4. To vet and clear all sorts of write-ups of members of the Armed Forces and other organizations under the Defence Division meant for publication/broadcast/telecast.
  5. To initiate and co-ordinate programmes presented/participated in by members of the Armed Forces for broadcast/broadcast/telecast/filming.
  6. To arrange production and exhibition of documentary films for boosting up the morale of the members of the Armed Forces.
  7. To maintain reference and press clippings on the Armed Forces, activity.
  8. To scan foreign press reports and monitoring reports on our Armed Forces and to issue rejoinder, if necessary.
  9. To initiate psychological warfare on behalf of the Armed Forces, if need be.

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Inter Services Public Relation Directorate (ISPR) was established in 1972 by the order of the President, the Peoples Republic of Bangladesh. The institution was tasked to serve the needs of the Armed Forces and other Defence Organizations in matters relating to information publicity, public and press liasion. With very meagre manpower and resource… Read More

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