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PhotoName & DesignationAbout Officer
 Lt  Colonel Abu Hayder  Mohammad  Rasheluzzaman,
AFWC, PSC, EME,      Director, ISPR.
Date of Joining : 27-9-2022
Qualification : BSc Engineering (ME), BUET, MSc in Military Studies, BUP, MSS in Security and Development Studies, BUP.
Contact details : 9835661 (Off),  8711111 Ex: 7190 (Off)  (Res),  8711111 Ex: 7191 (Res), 01769017190
email : dirispr@gmail.com
web mail:  dir@ispr.gov.bd
 Md Shahadat Hossain
Research Officer
Desk : Publication & Research
Date of Joining : 01-7-2007
Qualification :  BBA (Hons), MBA on Management (DU).
Contact details : 8711032 (Off), 01769027200 (Off),  01814839536 (Pvt).
email : roisprbd@gmail.com
web mail: ro@ispr.gov.bd
 Rashadul Alam Khan
Asstt. Director
Desk : Army
Date of Joining : 22-12-2011
Qualification : BSS (Hons), MSS on Political Science, LLB
Contact details : 8711055 (Off),  9833524(Res)
01769017198 (Off).
email : adisprarmy@gmail.com
web mail: adarmy@ispr.gov.bd
 Muhammad Reza-Ul Karim Shammee
Asstt. Director
Desk : Navy
Date of Joining : 22-12-2011
Qualification : BSS (Hons), MSS on Mass
Communication and Journalism, Dhaka University.
Contact details : 9832111(Off), 9833969 (Res)
01769017192 (Off),  01717414984 (Pvt).
email : adisprnavy@gmail.com
web mail: adnavy@ispr.gov.bd
 Syeda Tapushi Rabeya Lopa
Asstt. Director
Desk : Admin
Date of Joining : 08-10-2013
Qualification : BSS (Hons), MSS on Mass
Communication and Journalism.
Contact details : 9834151 (Off), 01769017194 (Off),  01911592742 (Pvt)
email : adispradm@gmail.com
web mail: adhq@ispr.gov.bd
 Aysha Siddiqua
Asstt. Information Officer
Desk : Air Force
Date of Joining : 22-12-2011
Qualification : BSc (Hons),  M Sc
Contact details : 01769017197 (Off),  01913379300 (Pvt)
email : aioisprair@gmail.com
web mail: aioair@ispr.gov.bd
Anjan Kanti Paul
Date of Joining : 30-6-1993
Qualification : HSC
Contact details : 01769027202 (Off),  01913379300 (Pvt)
email : cameramanispr@gmail.com
web mail: cameraman@ispr.gov.bd

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