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Dhaka, 31 March:- The 44th Command Safety Seminar of Bangladesh Air Force has been held at Falcon Hall, Dhaka Cantonment on Wednesday (31-03-2021).

Chief of Air Staff of Bangladesh Air Force Air Chief Marshal Masihuzzaman Serniabat, BBP, OSP, ndu, psc graced the seminar as the Chief Guest through VTC. In his speech, he praised Almighty Allah and appreciated all BAF personnel for achieving significant 28,000 (Twenty Eight Thousand) safe flying hours in the year 2020 despite COVID-19 pandemic situation. The year was full of events covering operational flying activities, conducting COVID-19 related helicopter operations both day & night and operational deployments to different locations. It also included ‘Missions related to COVID-19’ for collecting medical equipment from China and South Korea, sending medical support to Maldives and Lebanon while bringing our citizens from United Kingdom (UK) and Maldives.

Chief of Air Staff added that lessons learnt from past experiences are invaluable in preventing recurrences and developing a “Safety Culture”. Last year Bangladesh Air Force gathered invaluable experience in operating C-130B aircraft through Siberia and Alaska to Canada which was the first time for Bangladesh Air Force to operate in that route.  Collective approach is the key to safe flying. Starting from aircrew, technicians, controllers it also includes aircraft manufacturers and overhauling agencies. So, he urged upon all to be more vigilant while enhancing close supervision and strictly following the rules & procedures.

He said that BAF had been gradually transforming from analogue to digital systems.  He emphasized on quality training for personnel of all level to achieve high standard in aviation safety. He asked the investigators to find out the root-cause of each incident to stop recurrences.

He urged all to take necessary preparation for upcoming “7th International Flight Safety Seminar” scheduled to be held from 18-20 October 2021 at Dhaka. At last he applauded the noble objective of the 44th Command Safety Seminar for creating opportunity to share experiences for BAF professionals to strengthen the attachment and assistance in promoting flight safety.

Bangladesh Air Force Base Bir Shreshtho Matiur Rahman  was awarded with “Inter-Base Flight Safety Trophy” and 11 Squadron, BAF was awarded with “Inter-Squadron Khademul Bashar Flight Safety Trophy” for achieving the highest safe flying hours in the year 2020. Senior BAF officers and Airmen from Air HQ, BAF Bashar and BAF Bangabandhu were present on the occasion. Personnel from Other BAF Bases were present through Video Tele Conference.

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