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Dhaka, 23 November 2020: The inaugural ceremony of 5KW Vertical Wind Turbine”ONUVA” was held at Bangladesh University of Professionals (BUP) on23 November 2020at the western side of BUP Plaza. Vertical Wind Turbine “ONUVA” is a step towards achieving the goal of renewable power supply by using nature’s wind energy through tolerant structures by reducing energy dependence.

Hon’ble State Minister, Ministry of Power, Energy and Mineral Resource, Mr. NasrulHamid, MP was present as the Chief Guest at the inaugural function. The Chief Guest in his speech said that, we are moving forward towards fulfilling our Vision 2021 even amid this global pandemic. In the meantime, we are working vehemently to increase the supply of electricity among all the people in Bangladesh, import liquefied natural gas to meet the energy demand, distribute solar home systems and increase gas production. He specifically mentioned that this innovative technology of bio power generation of BUP will definitely play an important role in making us self-reliant. The Hon’ble State Minister also thanked the Vice-Chancellor of BUP and all those involved in the research under his leadership and encouraged further research. At the same time, he mentioned the government of Bangladesh under the leadership of his ministry and the Hon’ble Prime Minister would come forward to take such research to go ahead.

It is noted that the hybrid vertical turbine is made by combining the automatic braking system with the design of a completely fancy blade with indigenous technology and products. This innovation is presented alongside the Australian Government’s intellectual property company IP Australia. IP Australia awarded the invention as an Innovation Patent to BUP Vice-Chancellor Major General Ataul Hakim Sarwar Hasan, SBP, SGP, ndc, afwc, psc,PhD, Assistant Professor Md. Rajib Uddin and affiliated institution SIGAS Bangladesh on 16 September 2020. By Appropriate practical use of the patent will make a significant contribution to industry, rural and coastal areas.

Among others, Hon’ble members of Parliaments, secretaries of various ministries, high officials of BUP and media personnel were also present on the occasion.

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