Author: আইএসপিআর

Dhaka, September 21 : Inter-university Literature and Cultural Competition ‘AUNKUR 2019’ wase held for the third time at the premises of Military Institute of Science and Technology on 21st September to enrich Bengali literature and culture. Each year MIST Literature and Cultural Club organizes the competition, where approximately 1200 students participate from 40 universities and 20 colleges across the country.

Major General Wahid-Uz-Zaman, ndc, aowc, psc, te, commandant of MIST was the chief guest at this year’s event. Hamiduzzaman Khan, chairman of the Faculty of Fine arts from Dhaka University, Film actor Shahidul Alam Sacchu, young writer Sadat Hossain, film director Hasibur Reza Kallol, cartoonist Morshed Mishu, actress Tama Mirza were present as special guests and judges.

The competition has a total of 11 segments. Including dance, song, acting based competition named ‘Group Cultural Competition’, ‘Golpopuron’, ‘Kothopokothon’, ‘Bengali and World Literature Olympiad’, ‘Chitrokotha’ based on literature and ‘Canvase Aki’, ‘PhotoTale Competition’, ‘TuliKabbo’ based on Art work were held. In the last two years, there had been a lot of response to ‘Group Cultural Competition’, Quiz Contests and Cultural Case Competitions.

Like every year , ‘Team Anondolok’ from MIST Literature and Cultural Club to published the magazine ‘Onkar’ as a reminder of the competition, where the writings were published from the students of different universities. As well as students from outside the country sent their writings too.

On September 21, an all-day long event was held as an ideogram of Bengali literature and culture, where prominent people from all over the country were present. The total prize money will be Tk 2 lakh in this event. A diverse presentation of literature and culture from various institutions across the country was displayed at the MIST premises.


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